Flash Mob

Create the ULTIMATE experience!

Drum Painter

Would you like to hear a painting?

Haiku Guys and Gals

Experiential. Personal. Memorable.

Living Presidential Statues

History That Breathes

Ice T Impersonator

O.G. - Original Gangster


The only decoration that breathes.

Prince Impersonator

The Artist Formerly Known As...

Silver Man

The only decoration that breathes.

Equestrian Performers

Resurrecting the lost art of hippodrama

Red Carpet Lady

Star-Studded Greetings
Lip Reading Card


Certified Lipsologist & Lipsology Teacher
Comedy Magician

Comedy Magician

Magician, Mind Reader and Mentalist

The Lemonade Shaking Guy

Shakin' not stirred.

Urban Hoopz

Heating up!

Arcade Game Center

No quarters needed!

Graffiti Patch Hats

The perfect blend of two favorites

Picture Perfect Photo Booth

Modernly perfect photo booth

Champagne Lady

Drinks on me!

Graffiti Canvases

The epitome of urban decor

Ten Volt Tattoos

Jewelry for your skin!

Pool Shark

8-ball, corner pocket

Silhouette Artist

Your profile never looked so great!


Creatively hot


Welcome to the big leagues

Party Hieroglyphics

An artsy collage that spells your name!

Live Event Artist

Beautiful artwork made while you party!

Jersey Shore

Inventing the Fist Pump

Polaroid Photo Station

We're taking photos like it's 1999


Half man. Half robot. Half microwave?

Digital Caricature Artists

The digital truth through exaggeration.

Lady Gaga Impersonator

She was born this way.

Nailed it!

Selfies on your fingernail.

Wax Hands

Wax on, Wax off

The Three Waiters

Serving songs.

Living Plant

Can you spot him?

The Tinker Man

You've been Tink'd.