For an event that’s sealed with a kiss, bring a Certified Lipsologist! Our lipsologist is one of only 8 Certified Lipsologists in the world trained in the practice of Lipsology.

What is Lipsology?
Lipsology® is the new and exciting art and science of Lip Print Reading. Using her “kiss cards” made uniquely and only for your event, our lipsologist will collect your guests’ lip prints. Then, with humor and insight, she will share the messages weaved into their lip prints, such as their personality characteristics, energy levels, and more!

How it Works: Your guests visit the “kissing station,” put on lipstick, kiss your event’s unique kiss card, then come and sit with the lipsologist to hear all about what messages their lip prints have for them. Using lip print characteristics such as size, shape, color intensity or lack of color, fullness, positioning and special markings, her interpretations give your guests a way to look at themselves a little differently, create laughter and lots of fun. Each person’s lip print is as distinctive as his or her fingerprint. With 25 categories of lip prints and over 100 sub-categories, there’s lots to see and lots to tell.

The kiss card is a sweet memento your guests can take home with them to remember your great event for a very long time to come!