anime artist

Anime Artists

Anime?? Let us AniYOU!
cookie artist

Cookie Artists

It's confectionary art!
free daydreams


A different & personal keepsake.
Flash mob

Flash Mob

Create the ULTIMATE experience!


Keep calm and leprechaun!
three haiku writers working on their typewriters creating poems for party guests

Haiku Guys and Gals

Experiential. Personal. Memorable.
chalk art

Chalk Artists

Beautify-ing sidewalks all over town.
graffiti patch hats

Graffiti Patch Hats

The perfect blend of two favorites
Graffiti canvas

Graffiti Canvases

The epitome of urban decor
EN VOLT TATTOOS Jewelry for your skin!

Ten Volt Tattoos

Jewelry for your skin!
Silhouette Artist

Silhouette Artist

Your profile never looked so great!
etching on boots with heated stylus


Creatively hot
name hieroglyphics for parties

Party Hieroglyphics

An artsy collage that spells your name!
Live event artist

Live Event Artist

Beautiful artwork made while you party!
traditional Chinese paper cutter

Paper Cutter

Paper snowflakes are so last decade.
digital caricature artists put a high-def spin on the classic favorite

Digital Caricature Artists

The digital truth through exaggeration.
tinker man creates sculptures for parties

The Tinker Man

You've been Tink'd.
Pyrographic Artist - paintings with a blowtorch instead of a paintbrush

Pyrographic Artist

The hottest art there is.
legal graffiti art for parties and events

Graffiti Artists

Who ever said graffiti art was illegal?
Etch-A-Sketch artist

Etch-a-Sketch Artist

Lineographic portraits.
Airbrush Body Artists

Airbrush Body Artists

Giving flabby Dads six packs for decades.
glitter tattoos

Glitter Tattoos

All that glitters really is gold.
henna tattoos for events or parties

Henna Tattoos

Elegance wherever you want it.
redskins airbrush tattoo

Airbrush Tattoos

The ink without the commitment.

Caricature Artists

The truth through exaggeration.
happy girl with heart facepaint

Face Painters

Bringing joy to her reflection.
airbrush artist

Airbrush Artists

The air blown paint set.