April 17, 2020

Even though gathering with friends in person may seem like a thing of the past – don’t let this lockdown put a damper on your events for the future!  We are still able to provide you with lots of THE FUN STUFF despite these crazy times of social distancing. Here are some of the entertainers that we can still provide for you from a safe distance of 6 feet away or more!  Give us a call or shoot us an email for pricing and more info about any of these talented acts:

Crafty Quarantine Boxes

The perfect gift to send to that classmate whose birthday party got canceled or to keep your own kiddos busy and off the iPad. Read more…

Character and Impersonator Video Calls

Would your Grandpa love a video call from Marilyn Monroe? Would a song and a shimmy shake from Elvis brighten your mom’s day? Do your kids need some assurance from a favorite superhero or princess? Our live video calls and pre-recorded personalized greetings have got you covered! Lots of characters and personalities available.

Singing Telegrams

Delivering your celebratory wishes from a doorway is our specialty! Not local to the DMV area? Video chats to the rescue! Many characters are available to send personalized birthday, anniversary, get well or any other musical wishes! Doesn’t everyone deserve to see a pink gorilla on their doorstep on their special day??? Read more…

Chalk Art

Spread a message of hope, positivity or gratitude!  Have one of our talented chalk artists create a colorful message outside your business or special someone’s home – guaranteed to add a well needed dose of joy to everyone’s day. Read more…

Fortune Teller and Astrology Readings

Need some guidance on how to manage this “new normal”? Curious about your fluctuating job or financial situation? Our readers are available to do single or group readings via video chat. Read more…

Virtual Mime Visit

Know someone who loves mimes? Perfect!  Know someone who hates them?? Even better!! Let one of our talented mimes join in on your video call to add some silent hilarity to the celebration. Mums… umm… MIMES the word! Read more…

Bubble Shows

Bubbles bubbles everywhere! Bubbles make all ages smile – our talented bubble guy performs his show outside so anyone inside can enjoy. Perfect for senior homes, assisted living centers and group homes. Read more…

Digital Caricature Artists

Email us a photo and we’ll email you your cartoon self! Great to boost office morale or send as a silly gift. Read more…

Mascot Character Visits

If having your child’s favorite cartoon mascot character dance across your lawn would make them smile…we can make that happen! A certain red fuzzy monster? A personable peppy pig? A silly frozen snowman? We got ‘em!  And many, many more!

Magic Shows

Doing a virtual party? Add some virtual magic! Our magicians are entertaining and interactive for all ages… even via a video call! Can you say Abracadbra AllacaZOOM?

Circus Science Show

Join our professional knucklehead and silly scientist Greg via video call on a tour of the scientific principles behind his circus skills. As a former Ringling Brothers Circus performer and Port Discovery Children’s Museum educator, he uses juggling, rolling globe walking, lasso spinning, and other amazing tricks to explore Newton’s Laws, Gyroscopic Motion, and Center of Gravity. It’s a wild ride for the entire family! (and we think it counts as a home schooling lesson for sure!)

Telescope Pictures

Got digital photos? We can get you scopes! Why not send a fun foto gift to family and friends of memories of your times together. Read more…

mobile escape room

Mobile Escape Room

Tired of being locked in your own home with those you love best? Here’s your chance to ESCAPE! (well…escape from your same old routine at least!) Let us set up our mobile escape room in your yard, driveway or even in your garage. We’ll monitor your game from a socially acceptable 6 feet away and disinfect all props and surfaces after each use. Now’s your chance to see if all your home schooling and family game nights have made you a better problem solving team! Remember, the family that plays together… escapes together!! Read more…

Baseball Messages

Mourning the loss of baseball season? Us too! Brighten someone’s day by sending them a live video call or prerecorded personalized message from one of our Nats and O’s mini-celebs… Shakey the Lemonade Guy! With his crazy energy and positive attitude Shakey is guaranteed to make your baseball fans smile, laugh and toast up! Read more…

My Intent Bracelets

Got some words of inspiration that have helped get you through this tough time?  Let us preserve it on a My Intent bracelet for you. It’s a perfect thoughtful gift to send to a friend as well. Read more…

Live Musician Serenades

Anniversary? Birthday? Cinco de Mayo? Have one of our talented musicians – violinist, guitarist, even a bagpiper, steel drum player or a mariachi band! – perform for your special someone from the front yard and make the neighbors smile too!

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