July 24, 2018

When summer sun gives way to summer showers, how do you take the fun inside? We suggest these indoor summer crafts, artistic activities that develop creative minds and let your guests create their own memories of your event that will last long after it’s done!

Create your own beach in a bottle with Sand Art! Our sand comes in all of the colors of the rainbow, and can be bottled in fish, baseballs, sea shells, footballs, hearts, and lots of other fun and exciting shapes.

Invite your family and friends to become artists in the comfort of your own venue with a Paint & Juice Boxes party! Discuss the theme of your painting with the instructor beforehand and tailor the painting event to your own party desires (and attention spans)!

From pointy elf hats to handmade mad hatter hats, pirate hats to cowboy hats, Hat Decorating brings out everyone’s wildest imagination. Put them on, and the characters come to life!


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