The Slider Boomerang Booth is an Ipad Photo Booth mounted to a device that allows for fluid lateral motion. That’s a fancy way of saying it moves side to side. The software thats supports the Slider allows for photos, GIFs, and Boomerang GIFs. The combination of Boomerang GIFs and the curved lateral motion is what truly sets Slider apart from other booths. It creates some pretty awesome videos. The Slider includes many opportunities to brand your photos and GIFs, but one of the more unique ways to brand your boomerang gifs utilizes animated overlays. Check out the accompanying GIFs to see how animated overlays give the Slider a unique advantage over other types of booths.

The Slider Boomrang Booth includes the booth kiosk, a background (many styles and colors available), email and text option, an assortment of props, and an online gallery and download link of all photos after event.