holiday card making

Holiday Card Making

January 14, 2015 Comments Off on Holiday Card Making

Holiday card making is a boatload of fun! We come with tons of cards, decorations, markers, and everything you could... View Article

island santa twisted holiday characters

Twisted Holiday Characters

November 6, 2014 Comments Off on Twisted Holiday Characters

Everyone is familiar with the classic holiday characters: Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Elves. But we bet you’ve never considered twisting... View Article



September 22, 2014 Comments Off on Santa

‘Twas the night before your event, and your Santa is missing… That’s where we come in! Book a real-beard (or fake-beard)... View Article

ugly sweater decorating

Ugly Sweater Decorating Station

June 25, 2014 Comments Off on Ugly Sweater Decorating Station

Why settle for a regular old ugly sweater when you can make your sweater the ugliest?! Our ugly sweater decorating... View Article