Harriet Tubman Impersonator

An Icon of American Courage

Shoe Shiners

Put your best foot forward.

Stevie Wonder Impersonator

Baby! Everything is alright...

Sammy Davis Impersonator

Swing with Sammy!


Keep calm and leprechaun!

Paint & Juice Boxes

Bring the paint party to the kids!

Haiku Guys and Gals

Experiential. Personal. Memorable.

Paint & Wine

Bring the paint party to you!

Prince Tribute Band

Let's Go Crazy!

Living Presidential Statues

History That Breathes

Flappers & Gangsters

Roaring in from the 20s!


The only decoration that breathes.

La Hora Loca

Bringing the party... to the party!

Ronald Reagan Impersonator

The Jelly Bean Man

Silver Man

The only decoration that breathes.


Mythical, Magical, Marvelous!

Red Carpet Lady

Star-Studded Greetings
Lip Reading Card


Certified Lipsologist & Lipsology Teacher
Comedy Magician

Comedy Magician

Magician, Mind Reader and Mentalist

The Lemonade Shaking Guy

Shakin' not stirred.

Chalk Artists

Beautify-ing sidewalks all over town.

Slo-Mo Booth

Your event ... slowed ... dowwnnn

Pony Rides

The old school version of "Uber"

Graffiti Patch Hats

The perfect blend of two favorites

Champagne Lady

Drinks on me!

Pool Shark

8-ball, corner pocket

Mariachi Band

Vihuela, guitarron, y trumpets, dios mio!


Welcome to the big leagues

Candy & Cigarette Girls

The best looking table service there is!


Step, knee, step, kick, and repeat

James Bond Impersonator

Bond. James Bond.

Polaroid Photo Station

We're taking photos like it's 1999

Stand-Up Comedian

Hilarity Ensues

Living Marionette

A puppet with a mind of its own.