April 11, 2017

chalk art

Have you ever imagined jumping into a magical chalk art drawing with Bert, Mary, Jane and Michael? On sidewalks, on walls, for a day or for longer, this art can make a whimsical, dramatic statement. Grand opening parties, corporate events, fund raisers and conventions are just a few of the places large-scale chalk art displays have been created.

With a chalk artist onsite during an event, your guests can watch as an illustration is created. Or, you can commission a mural in advance. The artist can use chalk that washes away or acrylic paint for a more permanent piece. With so many options and such beautiful results, try a chalk drawing to add a “wow” factor to any event.

And, who knows, if you close your eyes and jump, you may find yourself on a jolly holiday inside one of these beautiful street paintings!

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